SizeGenetics Review – Is It The Perfect Thing We All Need?

A lot of men today are pretty unhappy or unsatisfied with the size of their penises today, and it is not really that difficult to see why this is the case when you realize that society has conditioned most of us to think this way through their subliminal messages in televisions, newspapers and radio.

If you are currently wondering what is the best way to start increasing the length of your penis, then you should really check out Size Genetics, a special penis traction device. You might be asking what is so special about Size Genetics that makes it so special and different from the rest. Well, firstly, Size Genetics is a medical type 1 device, and a medical type 1 label can only be gotten after sending the product for a lot of medical safety tests. Therefore, by being a medical type 1 device, you can definitely be sure that Size Genetics is one of the safest penis traction device out there for regular usage.

Apart from safety, some other things that a person might be interested in when purchasing Size Genetics of course would be whether it is able to deliver the kind of results it promise, and also how long it would take before one would be able to see any kind of results. In order to answer this question first though, you should understand how your penis works and what it is made up of. If you do not have a very good biological background, you may not know that your penis is actually made up mainly of muscles that contract involuntarily, and that is the main reason why you do not have a lot of control over penis once it starts erecting.

And if you have done any form of weight lifting before, you would know by now that muscles with proper training can start to grow and develop over time, and stretching would also be able to achieve the same effects. Since your penis is mainly made up of muscles, it is not any different either – with the proper amount of stretching force applied, you would be able to start increasing the length of your little member.

Size Genetics ReviewsSize Genetics have been in the market for years, and if it did not deliver such great results it would probably not have been able to remain active in the market until now. The manufacturers of Size Genetics have claimed that if you continuously use Size Genetics for a period of twelve months, you would be able to achieve up to as much as a growth of 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth on your penis. But of course, almost every other penis enhancement manufacturers are claiming the same thing, therefore you should do your due diligence yourself to check out customer reviews and testimonials to find out whether this is really the case.

Even though you can find a lot of customer reviews or testimonials out there when it comes to Size Genetics, you have to keep in mind that some of them are actually written not by real customers but by affiliates who are trying to get a commission from selling the product. But there are many ways to spot these type of fake reviews from a real one, so there really should not be much of a problem.

Some of you might also be worried about the kind of side of effects that might come as a result of using male enhancement devices such as Size Genetics. Size Genetics is also classified under penis stretchers, and there are mainly two types of them today: the strap extenders and the noose extenders.

The noose stretchers are what people have been using for years before strap extenders were invented. Noose stretchers mainly work by preventing blood from flow properly within the penis area, and this is one of the main reasons why the person using them would be feeling pain. After all, if you stop your blood from flowing properly within your hands or legs, you would definitely be sure to also feel pain or numbness in those particular areas right?

Strap stretchers on the other hand work a lot differently from noose stretchers, as they are modern devices that have been specifically designed to be able to fit perfectly onto a man’s little brother. This allows for comfort while at the same time allowing blood in the penile area to flow properly. Size Genetics is one of such device that has been developed using these methods of strap stretchers.

The price of Size Genetics is also a lot more affordable and cheaper as compared to most other penis traction devices out there. You can sometimes find penis traction devices going for up to as much as a thousand out there thanks to the high demand for them, but Size Genetics is different – you can easily get it for less than two hundred bucks today. Furthermore, it also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, which completely eliminates your fear of purchasing the product.

A lot of men might feel embarrassed if they had to be purchasing penis extenders or stretchers from a local neighborhood store, and even particularly more so if the shop assistant was a lady. Today, you can easily purchase Size Genetics online as long as you own a credit or debit card, and Size Genetics would be sent to you sealed in a complete brown box without any labels in order to ensure your privacy and prevent your family from knowing what really is inside the package. With the advancement of technology, you can usually expect Size Genetics to be shipped to the doorstep of your house just within a few days or ordering it.

Many people are turning towards Size Genetics today as their number one solution for penis enhancement. There are just too many advantages and benefits that come along with Size Genetics, which some have already been explained in detail before.

If you are still sitting on the fence on deciding what type of penis enhancement device you should be trying out, you should definitely consider giving Size Genetics a try today.


28 responses to “SizeGenetics Review – Is It The Perfect Thing We All Need?

  1. Fixed Penile Curvature – Check
    Grew my penis by 2 inches – check
    Increased girth a little – check
    Made me better in bed – check

  2. I looked into a lot of penis enlargement devices online. They all seemed good but I went with Sizegenetics because it has been in business for 16 years and I think thats a fair amount of time to see if a product works or not, especially on the internet. Sizegenetics has a lot of favorable reviews and it has also been endorsed by doctors, surgeons and others so I trusted this. It is also a CE certified Type 1 device for penis enlargement. I looked into many other extenders online but rarely anyone of them had this certification so sizegenetics was much better.
    CE certified is not something that every extender has. You need to meet certain standards to get it. CE is a third party organization that certifies medical devices so you can trust that.. This is why I used sizegenetics and it has met my expectations in the last 2 months

  3. I used it for 6 months..
    It was the best thing I bought in prob 5 years. It is comfortable and I can wear it and not get noticed any time. I also bought some other devices that did not work. With sizegenetics I almost got a full inch bigger in 7 weeks. This was great. I have been using it for 6 months and already 2 and a half inches bigger.
    I visit my girlfriend on the weekends and I don’t wear it during those two days. I wear it five days a week and almost 6 hours per day. It is easy to wear it and not have it bother you, but it hasn’t worked too well for my girth which i think might take more time or I need to get some pills or do exercises.. Overall a great tool to invest in. 9/10 from me

  4. Before / after with sizegenetics

    I used only sizegenetics for 8 weeks and my result is one full inch of growth in length. I am still going to wear it for a few more months and see how longer i can go. it works fairly quickly I think. Apologies for not uploading my pics. I think i just dont want to share personal photos

  5. Sizegenetics is good especially in comfort level and traction. I love its comfort. makes sense since it has a patented comfort system. They call it 16-way comfort system with mda technology. If you used penis extenders before, you know that its really a pain to wear them all the time and sometimes they are noticeable too. You feel embarrassed it when you are with your gf. With sizegenetics you can use the silicone strap with padding and gauze. This is really good for stretching

  6. Just curious can we wear it at night? The manual doesn’t suggest this but would it hurt? It would be easy to wear it at night

  7. I always had slippage issues with penis extenders, but ever since i started wearing sizegenetics, its like magic. It never slipped and is always comfortable with its comfort straps. You can use the wider strap or noose. Just do it the way it works for you. Its great if you hate slippage

  8. Williams Journey

    I bought an extender off ebay once and it came in just a plastic bag in a box. Sizegenetics on the other hand came with a leathercase with everything wrapped in plastic and very nicely. You can also pack it all together with the placeholders yourself if you need to stash it away for a while. It is something that is going to last for a while
    You can also lock it + you also get a travel case. How cool is that

  9. I bought it for straightening. It is good if you have Peyronie’s
    My penis is curved to the right and it helped with it. I have a stronger erection, less curving to the right and also an increase in lasting longer than earlier now. They also do supply proper training material as well. durka durka go!

  10. There is a 6 month guarantee on sizegenetics. They give you a full refund in 6 months if you fail. When i read about the guarantee, there was no reason to not order and I cut the excuses and bought the ultimate system straight. My penis has never been happier!

  11. I am happy that I never had to use the 6 months money back guarantee because it worked πŸ˜›

  12. I think they ship it from the US? Some extenders i bought off ebay came from china and they took a few weeks to arrive. Since this is coming from Oregon, I think it won’t take long to reach me in Cali

  13. Yeah I hate slippage too but there is no such problem with sizegenetics. I use the Traction powder with the straps. It makes a better grip and there is no more slippage. Their system is also patent protected so you won’t get anything like this anywhere else.

  14. I like my penishealth membership. That alone was worth the price because i learned some really important things over there that changed my life

  15. I used sizegenetics for 3 hours a day for 3 months and grew 2 inches. Great product

  16. You get free traction powder and moisturizer which are good freebies to get better experience. My extender doesn’t slip anymore

  17. Good device. I use it myself, been using for one month for 3 hours every day. silicone tube grip is good and the strap is comfortable.

  18. Yea Penishealth membership is free with it. Its great

  19. I don’t think you should wear it at night. Some devices I have read are fine to wear at night, but most are not. You should be careful when you wear. While sleeping you might hurt your penis or maybe take turns, so it is not advisable.

  20. My initial man I had been with experienced a large male organ. So big I really could not appreciate sexual intercourse, it harmed to bad. The following man was typical and sexual intercourse was great. The following man was little, I am just thankful he would not notice my face once i had drawn it. I had been really embarrassed right then. However it ended up he realized the way you use it! A couple of years with each other and never one time I allow that small dick another consideration. I am just now hitched and my partner is an ideal dimension.

    I am going to give you this. I look for a little male organ (and little balls) really unappealing to check out. Although once you know what you really are performing, it makes no difference ultimately.

  21. Hi all. I have a question. My erect size is 5.5 and girth is 4.9 I read somewhere that girls prefer 7.5 erect so I think I am 2 inches short. Do you think I could increase my size by 2 inches with sizegenetics? Is it too hard to wear tho I think thats not even a problem, I just want to know whether it is possible to increase my size by 2 inches. I saw the clinical study but the average proven size was only like 1 inch. so what do you think? though 1 inch increase would be good too but can i enlarge by 2 inches in 6 months? my gf thinks my size is fine but it would be better if i had a longer one. she is still happy with my size but would be happier with 2 inches more. what do you suggest?

  22. I bought it one month ago and wear it 5 hours a day during my work shift. I don’t think its a problem to go out while wearing it. You get used to it once you wear it for a week. You can figure out the right configuration for yourself. Personally i am trying to keep it about half an inch greater than my erect size. i keep the tension low but you could make it higher if you wished. in the end of the day it is up to you how comfortable you want it to be. i’ll update further

  23. I am glad i bought sizegenetics. It has been nothing but awesome for me. My size went almost an inch higher from 4 to 5 inches. I think this is entirely because of sizegenetics and some exercises i have been doing. Consider this a review or whatever, but really this device has been good!!

  24. I bought sizegenetics and have been using it for over 3 months now. My size increased about half an inch which is not much, but certainly makes a noticeable different. I am very much thankful

  25. I use the noose and Velcro. I put it on in the morning when i go to work at 9 am then take it off at lunch break around 2 pm. It doesn’t hurt and I am happy with the way I am using it. Using it for couple weeks and already seeing something different

  26. I am shocked that people can wear it for 8 hours per day. I can’t do it more than 4 hours per day. It just bothers me that i am wearing something unusual inside, but may be it is just me because it is comfortable. I use the silicone noose and the foam.

    I am not in a hurry to grow. I will do it slowly over 6 months rather than try to do it quickly and hurt my penis. I suggest you take it slow too!

  27. It helps while you wear it but don’t wear it during the night. You need to heal during the night

  28. It is fine but just don’t do it for longer than advised. Wear it for 6 to 8 hours. Take a break for one day every week. Also do some jelqing. Take it easy

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