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Size-Genetic-3Sizegenetics for cheap 

For all the benefits that sizegenetics provides, users will definitely agree to the fact that these devices are very affordable. Charged between $200 and $350, these devices are high in performance and excellent in comfort. Although there are a number of penis extender products in the market, sizegenetics has made a mark due to these very factors. When it comes to penis extenders, people crave comfort and sizegenetics satisfies this requirement. It has been created with advanced comfort technology that offers sixteen variations in comfort. All other devices that come even close to sizegenetics are priced much higher. Furthermore, other methods of penis enlargement and extension such as surgeries and use of medicines are expensive as well. In short, sizegenetics is a cheap way of obtaining high results.

Pricing of sizegenetics 

As mentioned above, sizegenetics is ranged between $200 and $350. These are available in three versions. The first version, called Ultimate Sizegenetics, is priced at $350. This is a very useful package and consists of a number of accessories along with the device. You can Traction powder that grip of the device on the penis and Aftercare moisturizing cream that keeps the organ soft, supple and well moisturized. This is very useful for people suffering with problems of curved penis. In addition, if your stock of cream and powder run out, you can reorder them from the site. They are available either individually or in a dual pack. They cost $6 if you buy one of them and $9.50 if you buy them together. The lowest version, charged at $199, comes with an additional DVD set that illustrate various ways of performing penis enlargement exercises. Besides these, sizegenetics offers a number of discounts for the user.

Discounts on sizegenetics

If you purchase a sizegenetics high range device which is priced at $350, you get more than 50% of the money back by way of gifts. Precisely, the free accessories that accompany sizegenetics are valued at $195, which is an excellent discount offer. In addition to these, the company provides $50 direct off on purchase of the product if you use its discount coupon. The company offers different codes for these coupons and you can checkout the company website itself to download these discount codes. Payment can be done through different kinds of online methods. Another reason why sizegenetics is cheaper than the others is because shipping is free.

Bonuses offered by sizegenetics 

Besides offering a high level product that is easy on the pocket, sizegenetics offers a number of bonuses. These bonuses include membership of Men’s Forte magazine, which is an online magazine that provides information about all things that are typical to men. Travel, sex advice, entertainment, dating, money matters, finance and business and fitness are some of the niches that the magazine touches upon. You are also provided e-books that can help in enhancing sexual life. These books teach you good and effective ways of seduction and love making. Physical fitness is another major subject that these books deal with. By following the tips and exercises provided in these books, you will notice that you are stronger than before. These are not only advantageous for your personal life but provide a high degree of self confidence that will show in your professional life as well. While the monetary benefits of such bonuses are around $200, they are priceless with regard to the difference they make in your life.

Where is sizegenetics available? 

Sizegenetics is abundantly available all over the internet. However, it is recommended that you use the official website of the company or through Amazon online store. Purchasing on these sites ensure that you get authentic deals at precise costs. You do not have to pay extra. Further, the company offers the product at no extra shipping costs. So, wherever you are in the United States, order your device by paying just the cost of the product.

What do reviews say? 

Reviews have a lot of good things to say about sizegenetics penis extender. They are also a constant source of encouragement for people who would like a better penis. On the rating meter, the device has earned 4.8 stars rating on an average. It has been rated five out of five stars in effectiveness, overall performance and guarantee. On cost, the device has been rated at 4.8, customer support has been rated 4.8 and comfort has been rated 4.9. On popularity, the device has garnered 4.8 rating.

Cheap sizegenetics extender device

There are two ways in which you can purchase sizegenetics products. First way is to buy the cheapest version of the product that is priced at $199.95. By choosing this package, you get instructional DVD along with the device. The other way is to buy the higher versions and provide before and after pictures of you penis and send them to the sizegenetics site. Your entire amount will be refunded. There are over 50,000 men who are members of sizegenetics forums and hundreds of them have sent in their pictures. Many of these are published on the site. This is an initiative to encourage others to actually see the enhancement and join the club. However, if you find no improvement in the size of the penis after following all instructions, you can still send in your before and after pictures and request a refund. According to the policies of the company, refunds are given if no improvement takes place within six months.

Does the price difference in packages make a difference to the quality of the device? 

Absolutely not. The difference lies in how many products and accessories are provided along with the device. The device, by itself, is the same whether you purchase a $389 package or a $199 package. The only things you will miss out on are the instructional DVDs and other gifts. You can be assured of high quality, no matter which package you choose. However, make sure that you choose reliable online stores so that you do not fall prey to fraudulent marketing and end up purchasing an inferior quality product with sizegenetics label.

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