How Can You Add Inches To Your Penis?

Train your penis

You may want to extend your penis. Whatever may be the reason for this need, the first thing you have to do is to order the right extender device. A proper extender device will be able to train your penis and help to add inches. You have to invest in the right device. If your device is not effective and not comfortable enough to wear you will not be able to achieve what you need. Size genetics is one of the most comfortable and best extender devices available at present in the enhancement market. By using this device you can train your partner slowly to increase in size. By giving small traction the device will make the penis cells to grow.

How does it work?

It works on the principle of traction. Traction has many proven applications in the world of medicine. It is used to increase the length of the underdeveloped arms and legs by the medical community. By giving progressive pulling force using traction, the muscles of the penis is given small micro tears. This will cause cell duplication.  More cells mean the greater the ability to hold the blood. This causes the penis to become larger. You have to attach the size genetics penile extender device to your penis using the comfort strap or the sizegenetics Velcro strap to avoid slippage. The device will apply a constant traction along the penis causing the cells in that area to split and create new healthy cells, resulting in the increase in length of the penis. The size genetics extender system also includes certain simple exercises which will promote the growth of the penis. When the extender device is used and exercise is performed on a regular basis you will be able to achieve the planned result with ease.

The ultimate comfort system

Size genetics extender system provides the customers with 16 way ultimate comfort system for the comfortable attachment of the device on to the penis. This comfort system was developed after extensive research to make it more comfortable to the user so that the customer can wear the device for more time to gain faster results. The ultimate comfort system and the padded rubber comfort strap are designed in such a way to ensure non- interrupted blood supply to the penis. Ultimate comfort system offers 16 different ways to fasten the device. With the help of this the device can be attached to the most sensitive penis. The incredible and intelligent design of the extender enables you to wear it under your loose dress even when you are working. Some people use sizegenetics Velcro strap in order to give better fastening of the device. They feel that the Velcro strap is better to avoid slippage of the extender from its attached position.

Is it harmful?

The sizegenetics extender traction device works on the Copora Cavernosa that is seen inside the penis and is the most important tissues that is responsible for erection in men. The Copora Cavernosa is the main area that is targeted by the traction device and as the traction increases on it more and more blood flow will take place into the newly formed cell tissues and this will help in you having an amazing sized manhood. As this is a totally natural way of stimulating the penis, there are no harmful chemicals or medicines used to achieve the penile elongation. Also, the materials used for making the sizegenetics traction device are Type 1 highest quality materials and it is classified as a Type 1 Medical device.

Guarantee from Company:

The company is very sure that their customers will get more than what they are looking for in sizegenetics traction device. As it is completely legal, 100% natural and has the backing and support of penis correction surgeons and the medical fraternity at large, the company has gone all out to give its customers a unique six month money back guarantee policy. So, a customer who orders and of the packages of the sizegenetics traction system is sure to get his money back if he is not satisfied with the results that he has achieved by using the traction device. The company guarantees that your penis size will be increased by a few inches while using the device and is made up of materials that will not easily bend or rust.

Refund policy:

A customer needs to return the device within six months from the date of purchase in order to be eligible for the refund money. The sizegenetics device must be used along with the penis health exercises that the company suggests for a minimum of at least 120 days consecutively in order to achieve the desired results. If the customer fails to get any noticeable effect he can ask for a refund from sizegenetics. The customer has to return the device within six months from the date of its purchase. The refund policy allows the customer to buy the size genetics extender device without the fear of wasting the money.


 You will never need to return the size genetics device as they are effective in what they are made for. A person who has experienced the comfort of this unique traction device from size genetics will only desire to continue its use not only to increase the length of the organ but also for the other benefits it gives to the customer.

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