Increased Length And Girth- Is It A Reality?

Spicing up life

Many are under the impression that in order to spice up life and to fulfill the sexual needs it is necessary to have a larger penis. This is true to certain extent. Studies have shown that women love to sleep with men having larger penis. They say that larger penis is more satisfying in the love act. Sizegenetics girth and length extenders are the most effective system for male penis enhancement. It combines more than one method which guarantees success in length and girth development. So, this is a boon to the men who want to spice up their life by increasing the size of the penis and to get pleasure out of it.

The fact behind exercise

The nature of human organs is that they will loose strength if they are not used. Exercising any part will cause more muscle development and better appearance and size. Penis is also a human organ which needs exercise to increase in size and performance. The researchers of Size Genetics have made use of this knowledge and have incorporated an exercise plan in their penis extender package. By proper exercise you are making the cells of the penis to grow and to become thicker. Other benefits of practicing exercise is that you will be able to maintain better hadrons, ejaculation quantity and much more satisfaction in the sexual act. Exercises have proved to be better than the creams and pills available in the market in enhancing the size of the penis.

The traction device

The Sizegenetics girth and length extender is a traction device for penis. It improves the length by two inches and girth by 15% within a short period of time. The Size genetics package includes the traction machine, instruction manual in the form of DVD and exercise DVD. The extender work by giving a stretching force on the penis making the cells to grow so that penis will become longer and thicker. They give better results than the pills and the creams and the result is permanent. They are also cheaper than the penis enhancement surgeries and there is no risk attached with the use of these extenders. The device can also correct the penile curvature problem and the effect of the device has been clinically proven. So with the complete package offered by Sizegenetics one can have improved vigor and better functionality to the penis within 2-3 months. Many people understand that increasing the penis size is a reality with Sizegenetics and suggesting it to others. This is the only device suggested by medical practitioners in improving the penile size.

The benefits

As these extender devices are easy to use you don’t need the help of a second person to wear the device. You can wear the device under any loose fitting clothes. No body can make out that you are using the device. For better results the device should be worn for at least six hours a day for every day. You will be able to develop increase in length and girth even in flaccid condition. Another benefit is the correction of the curvature of penis in the erect condition. The device comes with rubber padded straps which offers safety while wearing the device. The exercises will help you to achieve your size target more easily. The use of the device is also helpful in conditions like early ejaculation and impotence. All these benefit make it a complete package for men for their penis related problems.

Will the effect last?

The size genetics girth and length extender device is making use of a proven practice called applying traction to make the organ increase in size. In orthopedics this method is used to increase the length of legs or hands by a few inches and necessary exercises are practiced along with it to improve the strength of the limbs. The same technique is being used by Sizegenetics in improving the size of the penis. The traction triggers the cells of the penis to multiply causing the formation of new mass of cells. This causes improved blood circulation to this area. This blood flow helps the cells to maintain their vigor and make the penis appear more solid.


Though the size genetics extender packages are costlier than the creams, gels, vacuum pumps and pills, extenders or stretchers are more effective than all these method. They are moderately priced and are affordable. They are much cheaper than the surgeries and less risky when compared to the surgery. So, they are really worth the money you are spending on it. The self confidence you will gain by using this method will out weigh the money you have spent. By following the instructions and guidelines properly you can make your dream of a larger penis in to a reality.

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