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We, the webmasters at Size Genetics Reviews take the privacy of our visitors very seriously which is why we have set up this privacy policy to help you understand what information is being collected through your visiting of this website, so that you would be able to take the necessary steps to protect your own privacy.

We have made this privacy policy easily available on our homepage and on every other post and page on this site, so that you would be able to access it anytime you want in case you feel unsafe about the information that is being collected on this website.

Firstly, whenever you visit this website, your I.P. will be logged for security purposes. The sole use of this I.P. is for us to track demographics and analyze our traffic data and to prevent unknown and malicious sources from sending attacks to our websites. Rest assured that your I.P. is not traceable back to your personal information unless your service provide (a.k.a I.S.P) chooses to do so, but they will not in most cases as it is against their terms and policies.

Your e-mail might also be collected in some cases if you do decide to subscribe to a newsletter series offered by Size Genetics Review. Rest assured that we will not send you any kind of spam after you have provided your e-mail but only genuine and helpful information. You would also have the option to unsubscribe from these emails and newsletter series anytime you want by clicking on an unsubscribe link which can be found in every e-mail that we send.

Cookies are also stored on your computer when you visit this site or any other external site which we link to. These cookies are solely for tracking purposes and have no other reasons for being there.

We hope that you will be able to have an enjoyable time here at Size Genetics Reviews.

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