Reviewing The Size Genetics Extender

Overview of the device

The new size genetics extender is a male enhancement product based on centuries old principle that has worked wonders over the last several years. The cells are encouraged to undergo division by the application of continued traction pressure on the male organ. After the cells, commence their multiplication, the penis increases in size as well as circumference. An important factor to witness the results is performing the penis exercises for twenty to thirty minutes per day for a few weeks. The device is tested by numerous physicians and uses a medically approved method. In addition, the device has several certifications that show that using the device has no side effects. The gadget is easily usable during normal daily activities without any discomfort. The size genetics device is popular in male enhancement programs offered by hospital across the world.

Is the system really effective?

Several size genetics extender reviews claim that regular usage of the device has benefited men in curing seventy percent of the irregular curves of their organs. However, a large number of men still have their doubts about the effectiveness of the system. Nonetheless, a majority of the clinical tests have shown ninety-seven percent of positive results. The system is known to add several inches to the penis’ length and girth. The curves of the penis are corrected by up to seventy percent. The device assists men to increase their confidence levels and is CE certified as safe.

Using the system

The size genetics extender is very simple to use. Moreover, the padded rubber strap is comfortable for usage and has no side effects. The individual must wear the extender for six to eight hours per day, which exerts a traction pressure to the male organ. The male enhancement device can be worn beneath your normal daily clothes without causing any problems. The results in enhancing the length and circumference of the device depend on the number of hours that the users wear the device per day. In case, an individual is unable to use the extender for the recommended number of daily hours, it is best to use it for whatever time possible. Most physicians recommend not using the device while asleep.

Limitation of the product

The size genetics extender has been tested by some of the leading doctors across the world. Moreover, a large number of physicians consider this product to be unlike any other product that is available for male enhancement. However, individuals need to bear in mind that there are natural limitations to their bodies, which limits the benefits of the device. Hence, the increase in the size of the penis is also limited, which results in the halting of any further growth. The limits are variable and depend on an individual’s natural body system. However, experts recommend discontinuing the use of the device at a point when increasing the level of the tissue becomes risky.

How does the male enhancement system work?

The size genetics extender reviews show that men have witnessed excellent results with a permanent increase in the length and circumference of their organs. The continued traction force encourages the cells to multiply. In addition, the cell multiplication improves the retention of blood to the penis, which leads to growth of the natural tissues. This increases results in the increased size and girth of the male organs. One of the biggest advantages of this male enhancement system is the permanency of the results because the increase occurs with a natural process. Although, the device has been medically approved and has received a large number of positive results, individuals must consider certain factors. The extender is painful and slightly uncomfortable when users first commence using the device. Moreover, the benefits of the male enhancement system are visible only when the users follow the directions provided by the manufacturers.

A complete system

The size genetics system is provided with a DVD that shows the penis exercises that are beneficial in increasing the size of the penis. The size genetics extender strengthens the penis muscles to enable men to hold their erections for a longer period. Moreover, the system does not use any harmful and dangerous steroids or chemicals to show results. Individuals can witness an increase in the length of the penis of up to three inches with a continued use of the extender. Moreover, the size genetics extender reviews show that the device is extremely beneficial in eliminating the curves of the penis. The improvement in the length and girth of the penis assists individuals in improving their sexual lives.

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