Size Genetics Extenders – Do They Work?

What is size genetics?

Size genetics is a well known penis enhancement traction device widely in use by the men in U.S and UK. Most of the men are insecure about the length and breadth of their penis. There is no need to feel secure with sizegenetics available. Size genetics is such a product which can surely improve your physical as well as mental condition. The size of the penis gets increased and this will give more confidence to the man using size genetics. This is a wonderful system which uses a different method to improve the size of the penis. The greatness of this system is that it gives better result than the conventional gels, pills and weights. The result created will be permanent.

The actual working

A person who is heard of the effectiveness of this system will want to know what makes them different from other extender devices or how do they work?  Sizegenetics penis extender works, based on the principle of traction force.  The extender device in the size genetics system when attached to the penis exerts a constant pulling force along its length uniformly. Any tissue in our body has a natural ability divide and develop when pulling force is applied. By applying the traction force on the penis, the cell in the chambers of the penis starts dividing. This will cause an increase in the tissues of penis. This will help the penis to hold more blood and thus gives an enhancement. As size genetics is using the proven principle of traction there is no doubt about the effectiveness o the system. Moreover the system was developed after performing a great amount of research and is a medically endorsed product.

Will it work for every one?

The question coming to the mind of person who thinks of buying size genetics will be does size genetics work. The research wing of the size genetics and the customers who are used this product are confident that they will give the best result than any of the similar product.  For The size genetics system to be effective in any person, they should follow the instructions given in the user manual without fail. This includes the use of the penis extender device at least or six hours in a day and the proper practice of the exercise given in the attached DVD. The combination of traction and exercise make the system work for everyone. There is no point in questioning the effectiveness of the system without following the instructions properly.

Expected benefits

There is no doubt about in the effectiveness of the sizegenetics penis extender but they also give certain added benefits which make it the best extender system for enhancement. You can get the benefit of having a bigger penis with more length and girth. If you are having a curved penis during erection it can be corrected to a level of 70% by the regular use of this device. The use of size genetics enables the person to have harder erection. A part from these physical benefits there are certain other benefits also. You will get free adult gift, when you order the extender device from the size genetics website. A six month money back guarantee and twenty four hour customer support are available through the website. All these freebies make it an attractive choice while selecting the extender device. These are not just freebies but useful add-ons to achieve your goal.

Where is it available?

If you want to purchase size genetics extender system you have get it through online. It is available only from the size genetics website. You can find the order form in the website. You have to fill the online order form and submit it along with it, your name and the address to which the product has to be dispatched. You can also order the replacement parts for your size genetics system from this site. There is a separate order form for the spare parts. When you buy the full package you can avail the discount option if you wish. By entering the discount code ECON 8 you will be given 50 % off on the purchase of the extender.

Money- back guarantee

The penis enhancement device of size genetics comes with six- month money back guarantee. This enables the customer t o find that whether the size genetics work for him or not. If the system doesn’t work for him he can get a refund   from the size genetics. This is a great offer for people who are skeptical about the effectiveness of the extender. A customer can use the device for at least four months and he is not getting any benefit from the device he can ask for the refund within six months of the purchase of the product.


Various studies and reviews shows that sizegenetics does work for people irrespective of their age. The demand for the device is in the upswing. More and more people are coming to know about this product and hundreds of the customers testify the effectiveness of this wonderful enhancement system. So, if you are a person with any penile problem, log on to the website of size genetics and order the extender device. Within 2-3 weeks you start to feel the difference. You will be a person with more confidence and loads of self esteem.

3 responses to “Size Genetics Extenders – Do They Work?

  1. I use it for 2 hours ever day and 3 days a week. Yes it works, but it can take several months to work. Took 3+ months for me

  2. I have purchased it but haven’t started using it yet. Do i have to wear it all day? Is the starter pack good enough?

  3. I am using it for 2 months now and my erectile dysfunction problem has got better now. I feel more pleasure during sex. Money well spent

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