Sizegenetics – The Cost Considerations

Penis EnlargementIs it worth to buy sizegenetics? 

One of the first and the most common question that arises is how much worth it is to buy something like sizegenetics? Products of this sort are abundantly available in the market. However, not all such products are equal and sizegenetics is the best of the lot. The product was first launched into the market sixteen years ago and ever since then, it has maintained its stability on the very top. Naturally, a product that does not provide such high returns cannot possibly rule for almost two decades. This is a major proof that the device works. Another prominent aspect about the device is its high comfort. The product can be worn for hours at a stretch without feeling any sort of discomfort, thanks to its advanced comfort technology. These factors, coupled with all the reasons that you can read in the below paragraphs make the product worth buying.

How much does sizegenetics cost? 

Sizegenetics is male sexual enhancer that helps in increasing the girth, length and performance of the penis. The best feature about the penis extender is its cost. The product is extremely cost effective. The device, with almost half a dozen products, is available at just $390. However, if you use the discount coupon, you can knock off $50 from the price and purchase size genetics for just $340. You will be surprised to know that the cost of the accessories is nearly $200, which means that sizegenetics offers goodies worth almost $600 at a little over the half the price at $340. No other device that falls in this category is as cost effective as Sizegenetics, which increases its value multifold. The product is highly effective and offers what it promises.

Sizegenetics at $389.85 

At $389.85, you can get sizegenetics device with eight additional products that are aimed at improving sexual performance and penile health. The set includes Sizegenetics penis enlargement device that is medically categorized Type I device, the special sixteen way comfort set that has been designed using advanced comfort technology and helps users use the device in 16 comfortable ways, a luxury leather case to store the sizegenetics set and a sizegenetics travel case. You also get a set of DVDs that train you with effective penile exercises, a set of DVDs that illustrate ways to have better lovemaking and seductive massages, an instructional DVD that shows you how to use the device, eBooks that teach ways of seduction and how to achieve enhanced physical fitness and online access to men’s magazines that deal with all subjects related to men. In addition, you get Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturizer and Traction Plus powder that help in keeping the penis supple, nourished and protected from injuries, Ejac nutritional supplements. A small tool kit that you can use to clean the device, spare parts and a lock and key set are also provided. All these products are available just for $389. This is definitely the cheapest way to achieve development of the penis and enhanced sexual health.

Sizegenetics for $350 

The company provides another package, which is priced at $350. In this set, you have the penis extension device along with the sixteen way enhanced comfort system and sizegenetics luxury leather case. Instructional DVD about the usage of device is provided. Other products are not included in this package. Comparatively, the $389 set is better because for just an additional $40, you get so much more.

Sizegenetics for $199.95 

There is a third version that costs just $199.95. However, this package comprises of only the device and the instructional DVD set. You can however, gradually buy other products as spare parts are easily available on the site. So, sizegenetics provides a lot of flexibility in the choice of the device. You can choose one based on your requirements and capability.

Send in your pictures and get sizegenetics for free 

Would you believe it of someone told you that you can get sizegenetics, the world’s best penile enhancement device, for free? You are sure to get immediately suspicious. However, you can put your skepticism to rest because there is a way for you to obtain this device for free. First, you have to buy the device at the standard cost, which is about $350. Use the device for a few months and notice the difference in your penis. However, before you begin using the device, take a picture of the penis. After a few months of use, take a picture again to show improvement in the length and girth. If you send these before and after picture to sizegenetics website, the company refunds your money. So, the device is as good as free for you. You can continue using sizegenetics for as long as you want and watch the penis grow.

Full refund guarantee 

Sizegenetics is a device that gives you a six months period to try it out and experience benefits. However, if due to some reason you are not satisfied with the results, or in other words, there is no improvement whatsoever in the penis, then the company takes responsibility and refunds the full cost. On the site, sizegenetics hints at three inch increase. Although not everybody can gain this much increase, a minimum and one and a half inch enhancement is found in all users. Therefore, you will do well to take a snap of the penis before you start the program so that you have proof about the ineffectiveness of the device, in case there are no benefits.

Different versions for different affordability levels 

If $340 is too much for you to pay, you can choose the lower version that comes at $199. However, you will only get the device in this version along with exercise DVD. Traction powder, Aftercare moisturizing cream, DVDs for sexual enhancement and other goodies that you get with these devices are not included. Nevertheless, the spare parts inventory of the company is excellent. Gradually, as per your monthly budgets, you can order spare parts such as the advanced comfort accessories, traction powder and cream. These are very affordable and cost less than $20 each.

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