Sizegenetics And Penis Enlargement Exercises Go Hand In Hand

Size GeneticsNeed for sizegenetics:

Sizegenetics is a penile extender product that will help men to have a thicker and bigger manhood that he has always craved for. This is a non surgical procedure that has proved to be very effective, reliable and safe in many men. Any person who is not satisfied with the size and the girth of his penis and who feels embarrassed to open up his private parts to a woman can try out the sizegenetics penis extender product. He will be able to develop a strong, straighter and thicker penis on using the product regularly and in order to see a noticeable effect this product can be used along with some penis enlargement exercises as well. Some of the important penis enlargement exercises are discussed below:

Warming up before Penis exercise

It is important that a man warms up before starting any rigorous penile erection exercises. A soft and absorbent cloth has to be soaked in hot water and the excess water has to be squeezed out. Now, the penis has to be massaged or cuddled in a way that it attains 50% erection. Now, wrap the medium hot cloth over the penis and make sure that the penis head is also covered. It is important to hold the cloth on to the penis for at least five minutes in order to let the penis absorb the heat and increase the blood flow in the tissues. Now the wet hot cloth can be removed from the penis and the penis needs to be dried out completely in order to begin the different exercises.

Jelq and hold technique:

It will be ideal to get the manhood to be about 60% to 80% erect before starting the exercise. The jelq and hold process requires the man to hold the base of his penis tightly with the thumb and index finger to make an OK sign at the base. By holding the penis tight, move the index ginger and thumb to the tip of the penis similar to milking procedure. This step should only take about 3 seconds. The milking will result in the increase in blood flow to the penis tip and the head of the manhood will appear to be larger. It is important to hold the tight grip for about 10 seconds once the thumb and the index finger reaches penis head. Now make a similar grip using the thumb and the index finger of the left hand at the penis base while still holding on to the head using the right hand. As the left hand reaches the penis head, remove the right hand grip and repeat the process with the right hand from the base. This penile exercise can also be done on one hand using the same milking technique. Repeating the process for about 50 times a day and using the sizegenetics exercise pattern will definitely help in penis enlargement within a few months time.

Power stretch jelq technique:

This exercise will require the person to make a firm grip using the thumb and the index finger of the right hand on the penile head and pull it outward from the base. By maintaining the grip, now the person is required to pull his penis to the right side until he feels the force of the pull on the left end of the penis. Hold there for about 5 seconds and repeat the same process with the left hand. Now, using the most comfortable hand, pull the penis towards the ground level and at maximum stretch hold the penis at the same position for about 5 to 7 seconds. Repeat the same by stretching the penis towards the ceiling or the sky and maintain it in the full stretch position for about 5 seconds.

Ultimate Jelquing technique:

This is the most advanced exercise regime that most men practice once they have mastered the other jelq techniques. This method requires the man to hold his manhood in the OK position using his right hand at the penile head and use the left hand fingers to pressure pull towards the head of the penis. Hold the left hand for about five seconds while releasing the right hand grip from the penis head and repeat the same procedure the other way round. Using this technique along with sizegenetics extender will show amazing results.

V stretch technique:

The person is required to hold the head of the penis with his right hand in OK position and stretch it parallel to the ground. The n using the left hand in the OK position and holding the penis at the head, pull it towards the right side with maximum stretch and keep it in that position for more than  5 seconds. Repeat the same procedure by using the right hand and stretching the penis to the left side. After this the penis has to be stretched towards the ground and then finally skywards. Repeat the process for about 50 times a day. The person who carries out these sizegenetics exercises along with the penile enlargement traction device will have a permanent solution to his long standing problems of penile being smaller and less active during sex.

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