Sizegenetics before and after – Check out the Reassuring Change

The effect of sizegenetics 

Sizegenetics is an excellent way of improving the strength and size of your penis. The device works in several ways. Firstly, it increases traction in the muscles of the penis and hence, encourages growth of new cells that contribute to overall increase in size. Secondly, the traction and extension increases the gushing of blood into the penis. With regular usage, you will find that the erection is harder and lasts longer. Thirdly, problems such as curvature of penis can be solved by the use of this product. If you have always been worried about a limp erection that fizzes out before action begins, then use sizegenetics for a completely satisfactory and rewarding sex life. 

How will you believe? 

If you are skeptic about the effects of sizegenetics, you are not at fault because every company that creates penile elongation devices promises the sun and the moon. However, if you look into the official website of the device, you will notice a special button called before and after images. If you thumb through this page, you will find that a number of people have sent in their pics before and after the use of sizegenetics. The site requests discretion of the users and only adults are legally permitted to view the page. Nevertheless, these images speak out the fact that sizegenetics is indeed a very effective invention that has truly brought a revolution in the penis enhancement industry. 

Are words enough? 

When it comes to making a decision regarding something that is as sensitive as a penis extender device, mere words are not enough. You require more concrete evidence that the thing works. Advertisements are often misleading because their intention is to sell the product. They sometimes do provide faulty information. However, when you have concrete proofs that you can examine with your own eyes, the task of making a decision becomes very easy. Further, you can be thoroughly convinced and will have no anxiety about using the product. Before and after images provide that special push. Although the site does not and cannot put in all images, you can join the customer forum of sizegenetics, which has over 500,000 members. You can discuss your concerns with other members of the forum who have experienced the effects of sizegenetics before. Armed with such awareness and the assurance of sizegenetics before and after pics, you can move ahead and buy yourself the powerfully effective sizegenetics extender device. 

You can contribute as well 

The website of sizegenetics is very proactive. The company encourages users to send in their before and after use pictures so that they can be used to reassure other skeptics. If you log on to the site, you will find a number of users who have contributed images that showcase the change in the length, girth and curvature of the penis. In a nutshell, the device has proved very effective. If you have been a non-believer turned believer with regard to sizegenetics, do send in your images so that a number of other silent sufferers can also be helped in improving their size and hence, live life more happily and with more confidence. 

Authenticity and effectiveness of the device is visible 

If you go through the before and after page on the site, you will observe that for the same duration of usage, different people register different degrees of improvements. For example, while one of the cases obtained an increment of one inch in four months of use, another one has noticed an increase of 0.7 inches in just two and a half months. Another user acquired further benefits by getting bigger by 1.8 inches in four months. Certain users have also provided information about an increase in the girth. On closer observation, you can find that the testimonials consist of people belonging to different age groups. While there are twenty one year olds, there are sixty year olds as well. Sixty year olds have also said that their stamina has increased drastically after beginning the use of the device. Erections are harder and sexual satisfaction is more intense. 

Different effects on different people 

As you can notice in the before and after columns of the website, the device produces different effects on different people. It works better in those who are naturally healthy and those who are younger. Muscular activity reduces with age and hence, development of new cells in the penis due to traction is lower in those above fifty, although the device does provide good results for men belonging to all age groups. The difference in results also depends on the duration and manner of usage. The device can be used for a couple of hours twice a day. Since this device offers a 16 way comfort design, you will not have any problem wearing the device for prolonged periods. You can begin with small durations and extend the time as you get comfortable. And believe it because it is true – the penis begins to grow from day 1. 

Get a photo before you begin the program 

If you have made up your mind to invest in a sizegenetics penis extender, then make sure that you get a photo of the penis before you begin using the device. Make sure that a scale is held so that the viewers can view the exact number of inches. Although you might not be sure whether you want to send in your pictures, it will help you compare sizes for your self-evaluation. By the end of four months, the penis will show such high improvements that you will want to send in your before and active images. However, sending the pics over to the site can get you full money refund. 

Get rewarded for you’re before and after pics 

Sizegenetics offers $350 for every before and after picture that can be used to publish in the site. The intention of the manufacturers is to help as many people as possible in their quest for bigger and better penises. So strong is their drive towards making the world happier that they pay as much as the cost of the product for one of your images. Before and after images are great ways to refund your device amount as well as help convince a lot more people about the authenticity of the device.

4 responses to “Sizegenetics before and after – Check out the Reassuring Change

  1. Dear Sir,

    I want to share my experience of using sizegenetics traction device. I especially want to thank you for suggesting me this device 8 months ago.

    It was back then when after months of searching for many cures, devices and surgery that I came up on sizegenetics and the community sounded reliable enough to spend $350 for the ultimate system because I was offered a money back if i wasn’t satisfied.

    After 6 months of using the device for an average of 3 hours a day, I experienced great results which changed my life. My erections were a lot stronger than before and my penis was not as curved to the left as earlier. I also had better experience during intercourse and my partner was very pleased with me.

    I had a gain of 2 and a half inches within 6 months which was really huge. Back when i started 6 months ago, my penis was 4.5 inches flaccid and 6.4 inches erect and 5 inches in girth but now it is 6.3 inches flaccid, 7.0 inches erect and 5.6 inches of girth which my partner loves now. I can’t believe i feel so much more confident while approaching women and in general. My partner gets more intense orgasms than ever before.

    In all I would like to thank you a lot for giving me this device. It really boosted my confidence and improved my life. I would like to suggest this device to anyone like me who is suffering from lack of confidence and bad experience with sex. Try this device. It really works!

    James P
    Mesa, AZ

  2. This is just from the sizegenetics extender. I didn’t use any other device. I have used it for 3 weeks continously at 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Mine grew from 4 to 5.8 inches in just 3 weeks which was great. I couldnt believe my new size and abilities in bed! Here is my before and after:
    before and after image

  3. I have used the device for 4 months now, an average of 2+ hours a day almost every day of the week and the results have been phenomenal for me! I have a difficuty wearing condoms now. They don’t seem to fit me.

    Sizegenetics is a great buy. The customer service is very supportive as well. Would recommend! My before and after picture:
    sizegenetics before and after

  4. For those who are interested in hearing, this is my real story. I wanted to show my results about how its been like. I have tried bathmate, stretching and jelqing and I am better than ever before. After using it for a bit more than 2 months, I have grown by 2 inches.
    I enjoy my new flaccid size. Its not a baby penis anymore. Thanks sizegenetics!

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