Sizegenetics Comfort Straps – You Can Achieve High Gains without Pains

Sizegenetics and enhanced comfort 

Sizegenetics is a penis development device. Although the product is called penis extension device, the name penis development device is better suited for it because it not just increases size but also increases girth and solves problems such as curvature, weak erection and premature ejaculation. However, the best things about sizegenetics are the comfort straps. If you question people who have used penis extension devices about their experience with the device, they will have to relive the horror because most of these devices are not comfortable. They do provide some amount of traction that might help in growth and development of the penis but the major drawback of discomfort cannot be disregarded. On the other hand, if you ask sizegenetics users about their experience with the device, you will meet satisfied smiles because these devices are very comfortable. Read on below to learn about the sixteen different ways in which sizegenetics provides enhanced comfort. 

What are sizegenetics comfort straps?

If sizegenetics is reputed and loved for its comfort, it is thanks to the comfort straps. These straps enhanced comfort by adopting special sizegenetics comfort technology. The most significant part is that the comfort straps work. The device consists of two rings which are strapped on to the penis. One of the rings is at the base of the organ and the other in the front part. Together, they provide traction to the penis such that elongation occurs along with increased blood flow to the penis. Other devices also apply some form of this design but lose out when it comes to comfort straps. Although they do work, they cause significant discomfort to the user. With sizegenetics, you do not have to compromise with comfort and cause pain and soreness to your organ. The straps are designed for comfort.

Advanced Comfort Technology with sixteen comfort straps 

The use of Advanced Comfort Technology is the secret behind the enhanced comfort levels of the device. The device comes with different attachments or accessories that allow more comfort. While the base ring of the device provides a strong grip for the penis, the front ring is customizable. You can fit any of the sixteen comfort attachments to the front ring as per your comfort. This is the only device that provides sixteen comfort options when compared to the three or four options offered by other devices. The design and engineering of the product is high quality and brilliant. High quality materials are used for construction of the device.

High level comfort allows prolonged usage 

The biggest benefit, besides the fact that they highly comfort, is that you can strap the device on for virtually any length of time. The recommended usage duration is two to three hours two times a day. So, in all, you will have the shaft fixed into a traction device for around five hours a day. Unless the traction device is comfortable, this is just not possible. The device is so comfortable that you can go to sleep with the traction device on and not be disturbed in your sleep. With sizegenetics, you can use the extender for as long as you want because the device is very comfortable and does not cause discomfort.

Wear and walk outdoors

The other benefit of wearing this device is that the enhanced comfort level allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you are outdoors, at work or shopping. The product has been built to be discreet so that it is unnoticeable when you wear it under your pants. This is a highly desirable feature of the device because you have to wear it for five hours a day and you cannot stay home from work. The advanced comfort technology gives you the freedom to carry on with your routine work, while it busies itself by working on making the penis bigger, stronger and better. It does not cause any kind of inconvenience, discomfort or disturbance to the user.

Simple usage and easy replacement

A major benefit of comfort straps is that they are easily available. In case you end up damaging the strap or losing it, you can log onto respective sites and order spare parts. They are available for cheap and are delivered at your doorstep. A special feature about these straps is that they are very easy to use. All you need to do is go through the implicit instructions provided n the user guide and you are ready to customize your sizegenetics traction device.

Traction Plus powder and Aftercare Moisturizer for extra traction and comfort 

In order to provide high level of comfort, sizegenetics comes with two special products – traction plus powder and Revita cream aftercare moisturizer. These are available with Ultimate Sizegenetics version that costs around $350. Traction Plus powder is used for two kinds of gains. Firstly, it provides better traction by preventing slippage of the device and hence, helps in providing better and faster results in terms of length and girth extension as well as increase in strength and stamina. Secondly, traction plus powder helps in keeping the penis supple and soft. This helps in preventing injuries to the penis. Most importantly, the powder improves comfort levels. This is great for people with curved penis. The aftercare moisturizer is another product that provides multifarious benefits. As the name indicates, this cream is to be applied after the device is unstrapped. This soothes the penis and keeps the organ supple and soft. Use of this moisturizing cream enhanced the traction effect by improving cell building activity in the penis. After long hours of traction, this cream helps it relax. Together, these two products provide high level of comfort to the user.

Use sizegenetics in order to understand comfortable traction 

Sizegenetics redefines comfortable traction. If you want to truly experience this phenomenon, order your device now and have fun trying on the various attachments. You are sure to favor one or two of them. Use them as instructed and watch your organ grow in size and strength.

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