Sizegenetics Curvature – How the Device Solves the Problem

Size GeneticsThe curvature menace 

If you have been a secret and silent sufferer due to the problem of curved penis and are looking for a solution, then you have come to the right place.  Sizegenetics comes as a solution to the most problematic aspects of a man’s sexual life – penile curvature. One of the most embarrassing happenings for a man is poor performance in bed. There are a number of factors that affect this problem. Furthermore, the manifestations of the problem occur in different forms. While some people suffer poor erection, others suffer from early ejaculation, penile curvature or inconsistent erection. Among all these problems, curvature of the penis can be a major problem because it interferes with penetration. Men with curved penis can experience pain during intercourse. Fortunately, the problem can be solved. All you have to do is purchase your sizegenetics penis extender device, use it as per instructions and within a few months, you will notice that the penis is straighter, stronger, longer and of a bigger girth. However, it is useful to learn what causes the problem and how sizegenetics presents an effective solution. 

What causes curvature of the penis? 

Curvature of the penis is one of the most common and the most frustrating problems that men experience. It comes in the way of their sexual life and can cause disappointment to both partners. The problem of a curved penis is caused due to the formation of scar tissues that are hard and rigid. When the penis becomes erect during sexual stimulation, these hard tissues prevent it from being straight and cause then to bow down in the shape of an arc. In some people, curvature causes sharp pain during intercourse. The major penile tissues that are affected when this problem occurs are the tissues of corpora cavernosa. Scarring can be caused due to a number of factors such as wearing tight clothing, defective formation of corpora cavernosa, injury, advancement in age, deficiency of vitamin E and improper blood circulation.

How does sizegenetics present a solution to the problem? 

The first fact that people suffering curved penis problems need to understand is that the problem can be cured. It is not a permanent problem. Use of sizegenetics is an excellent way of reducing the curvature and prolonged use can present a permanent cure to the problem. Sizegenetics tackles the root of the problem – corpora cavernosa. The design of the device is such that it facilities insertion of the penis into two loops. When the device is activated, a large amount of traction force of applied on the corpora cavernosa. The penis is stretched and gradually, the rigidity of the scar tissues reduces. When the penis attains erection, it is straighter and stronger since the effect of scar tissues is lower. Further, blood gushes to the penis and improved blood circulation. As a result of this, penis gains higher strength and remains erect. Owing to these entire medical proven ways in which sizegenetics penis extender works, it is widely prescribed by a number of doctors and sexologists. In addition, the product recommends a number of exercises that quicken the process of curvature correction.

Why choose sizegenetics for correction of curvature? 

Besides the above mentioned factors, you will benefit by the use of sizegenetics because it is safe. A lot of people opt for curvature correction by going under the knife. Some of the medical procedures for curing the problem are injection of corticosteroids into the scarred tissues, intake medicines, and shockwave lithotripsy and radiation therapy. All of these are expensive and can involve untoward risks. On the other hand, the use of sizegenetics is completely safe.

Sizegenetics is cheaper and safer than corrective surgeries

Corrective surgeries can run into thousands of dollars. Sizegenetics does not cause a dent in your pocket. It is affordable, being priced at $360. In addition to providing a cure from the curved penis problem, sizegenetics provides a lot of other benefits such as extension of up to 3 inches in length, increased girth, stronger erection and better control over ejaculation. In short, sizegenetics is a wonder product that packs a huge punch at very affordable rates.

Sizegenetics repairs curvature and enhances sexual life 

Sexual satisfaction has a lot to do with visual appeal in addition to more physical actions. To put it blandly, a curved penis that is bent downwards, is a huge turnoff for the sexual partner. Further, it is embarrassing for an individual when the penis does not stand straight and proud. Due to this dissatisfaction and embarrassment, performance suffers rather badly. Moreover, a curved penis, although more than normal in length appears small because of the curvature. Small penises are usually the antithesis of great sex. Another manner in which curved penis affects the performance of a man is by causing pain. Because the penis has to be straight for penetration, forcible straightening can cause a lot of pain. When all these problems are solved, you can enjoy excellent and satisfactory sex life and when you do, do remember to send a note of thanks of sizegenetics.

Comfort with cure 

Medical processes are usually not synonymous with comfort. However, sizegenetics, besides being a medically approved Type I product, is very comfortable. It has been designed in a way that allows the user to use it in 16 different ways that are all comfortable. You can check out and experiment with different ways of strapping the device and choose one that you like best. This is a very unique feature of sizegenetics because not many other similar products provide such high returns and comfort. Not only will your problem of curved penis be solved, you will also obtain it without a lot of pain.

After training cream and powder with Sizegenetics

When you purchase the Ultimate Sizegenetics product, you obtain Traction Plus powder and Traction plus Revita Cream, which enhance comfort after workout. Both these produces are very beneficial. While the powder helps in providing a better grip for the device the cream moisturizes the penis and keeps it from getting rough and rigid.

14 responses to “Sizegenetics Curvature – How the Device Solves the Problem

  1. does masturbation cause the penis to be curved?

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  3. Masturbation doesnt have anything to do with curvature. It could be the position in which your penis stayed for a long time in your pants. Did you wear too tight underwear? That could be a reason for it bending sideways. If the curve is upwards, it might be helpful.

  4. Masturbation does not affect curvature in most cases. Only in rare cases does it affect the curvature if you masterbate with too much force, it can tear sme of the tissue and make it scarred but unless you have painful erections or major issues, you will be fine.

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  6. My penis is curved. can i use sizegenetics to correct it?

  7. A curvature is fine. It will not always cause you problems. It can give more pleasure to your partner actually because you can hit the right spot more easily if your penis is curved so your partner might actually like it. Curved penis is not a problem in all cases, so don’t be worried. One way to fix it is with surgery but it can be costly and insurance is not going to cover it for you

  8. I seem to have a curved penis. It bends slightly to the left. I have been thinking of getting a surgery but since my insurance wouldnt cover it, i would rather try a device instead. I’m looking at sizegenetics device. Does research suggest that it helps with fixing curvatures? Anyone had success with this?

  9. Yes sizgenetics helps. It is priced around $350 but it is a professional device which helps with enlargement and fixing curvature. Keep in mind that its not a sex toy though and it doesn’t provide overnight results. It does serve your purpose eventually if you are patient

  10. heard of it couple of years ago. I happened to find it in a newspaper article. tried the device and it worked for me

  11. Does your sexual partner really have a problem with curvature? If not, then don’t worry about it. You will be fine. Sizegenetics does help without surgery and i would avoid surgery on my penis

  12. Is it natural for my penis to curve downwards when erect? can sizegenetics help straighten this curvature?

  13. Like the others suggested, if it doesn’t cause you pain or problems with your sex partner, then it is not a problem. If your girlfriend is complaining about it, then you may need to do something about it. Peyronies is a condition which leads to curvature and it is very common in men. It occurs to some extent in half of the men. Nearly everyone has an angle, some upwards, some downwards, left or right. People are born with it, it is a genetic trait a lot of the times.
    If you are doing it purely for aesthetic purpose, then you may need to reconsider it. Traction devices such as sizegenetics do help to some extent if you are looking for an opinion on that. It is a small device which will stretch your penis and pull it with a small amount of force. Over a period of several months, it can correct your curvature to some extent and make it longer. If you are very concerned, I would suggest talking to a doctor.
    Sizegenetics is a proven device and one of the most reputable ones on the market. If it fits your budget, you may get it and give it a try.

  14. Yes it can help but it takes a long time

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