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Size Genetics AmazonSizegenetics is the best penis extension device in the market

The market is filled with products that claim to help you attain maximum growth of the penis. While many of these products consist of intake pills, others suggest exercise programs. There are a number of penis extension devices available as well. However, many of these devices have not been made as per scientific and medical norms, thereby causing more harm than good to the user. Further, they are very uncomfortable and result in aches after usage. Nevertheless, there are devices that are genuine and employ scientifically and medically proven procedures for design, development and operation. Among such reliable device, Sizegenetics tops the chart. It is one of the best penis extension devices available in the market that is high in comfort, very effective and reasonably priced. In addition, the device also helps you overcome problems of curved and limp penis and early ejaculation.

A super enhancement over the age old penis pumps

In its most basic form, Sizegenetics is a penis pump. However, the development in Sizegenetics makes the conventional penis pumps seem like they belong to the stone ages. A penis pump works by creating vacuum around the penis when the organ is inserted into a cylindrical tube and the pump is operated either through a small motor or manually. The compression in the tube creates traction for the muscles, more blood enters the penis and the erection is more. Sizegenetics works on a similar principle but its design is much sleeker, simpler and comfortable. This new device works in an enhanced manner since it provides a better and continuous traction to the penis. The device is strapped onto the penis and when activated, traction is produced. Continuous traction not only increases the length but also the girth of the penis. Hence, it is a much more effective tool of enlargement when compared to penis pumps. Users need to wear the device for the recommended duration everyday to obtain high benefits.

Cost effective way of gaining priceless benefits

If you want to engorge your penis to a larger size and are looking for a cost effective alternative, Sizegenetics is the best option. It is not the cheapest option in the market. However, there is no other device in the price range of this device that provides higher benefits. Compared to the cost of surgeries, which although effective can run into thousands of dollars, Sizegenetics is a steal. All the three versions of the product are priced at less than $400. It is a one time investment and you can use it for months. You can also obtain spare parts of the device for cheap. They are available in all stores that sell the product. In comparison, drugs are more expensive since you will have to bear recurring expenditure of replenishing them. An year’s supply of penis enlargement drugs can cost $500 to $700.

Safest enlargement method

This way of increasing size of the penis is the safest. The product has been declared Type I health care device, which is a classification given to medical devices that pose negligible risks. A product has to go through a number of evaluations and tests in order to be able to make it to this category. Further, if you opt for a surgery, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. But with Sizegenetics, there is no risk of harmful side effects.

Easy and comfortable for use

The biggest advantage of Sizegenetics is its heightened comfort level. When compared to other extension devices and pumps, Sizegenetics extender device seems like a bed of roses. All you have to is strap on the device and activate it to enjoy enhanced benefits. You have to follow instructions for the duration of usage and for enhanced results, follow the workout regime provided in the set of DVDs that come along with the device.

Buy on Amazon

Although there are a number of websites selling this device on the net, there is none more reliable than the mighty Amazon. Shipping charges are standard and the shipping process is safe and secure. Being the number one online shopping store, Amazon is highly efficient in dispatching projects within time. By purchasing the product from Amazon, you can be assured of undamaged product on delivery. You can also read user reviews on the site in order to gain more feedback from users of the device. You will find that the feedback is very positive. So, if you want a larger and broader penis, place your order for Sizegenetics extender on Amazon right now!

However, Amazon is not the only choice. There are advantages to NOT buying from Amazon since a large number of sizegenetics buyers do so via the official site which we recommend here too (see link above). When you buy via the official site, you can get various custom offerings and special discounts which could not be possible for them to offer via the Amazon platform. You can also get on to their email list and get custom promotions and advice which would otherwise be hard if you purchased from Amazon. There is also a 6 month refund guarantee if you buy direct from the vendor’s website.

There are obviously advantages to getting it from their official site because they can control what they want to offer and provide a wide range of customized offerings, but since Amazon is a large market in itself, they can’t ignore it for their product and have to offer it over there as well. Eventually, it is up to you where you want to purchase but our recommendation is the vendor’s official website.

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