Sizegenetics Far More Superior Than X4 Labs

Why penis extender?

The concept of penis extender device has seen a whirlwind change since its inception. All the leading penile extender device manufacturers are cashing in on the demand for such products in the market and this huge popularity and demand has made this a multi million dollar industry. The extender devices that are available these days are so sophisticated that they have been medically proven to show visible sings on enlargement of the penis on regular use. Such an enlargement of the penis is a permanent one and this has resulted in more and more people to use these traction devices to increase the size of their manhood with the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex.

Mechanism behind penis extender

A penis extender is a traction device that will grip on to the penis very tightly and will cause the extension of the penis slowly and gradually by applying basic tension. This tension  that is applied on the penis can be increased or decreased depending on the requirement of the person and gradual increase in the traction  will result in  the  elongation  and the widening of the man’s most important part of anatomy, the penis. The latest types of penis elongation traction devices manufactured by leading corporate like sizegenetics or X4 labs are of superior medical grade I type material and hence are absolutely safe for using on the penis. The proper user’s manual and guidelines that come along with the unit will help a person to understand the methods that he needs to adopt to successfully increase the size of the penis.

Choosing the best penis extender:

It is very difficult to choose one penile extender system that will produce the optimum results that you desire from a whole bunch of penis extender systems. It is ideal for you to go through all the details pertaining to each one of the penile extender systems and choose one that has given the maximum benefit to men. It is important to choose an ideal penile traction device based on factors like genuine facts, personal experience, customer feedback and views posted in various review forums. It is important for the client to research a bit before choosing the right penis extender device for his manhood.

The best penile extender:

There is no doubt that sizegenetics is the proven leader when it comes to penile enlargement device. The primary focus of this device is to naturally increase the cellular division in the penis thereby helping it to increase in both size and width. There is no need to take any pills or creams or lotions along with the sizegenetics penile extender system to get the desired result. In fact, many of the penile enlargement surgeons have openly endorsed the sizegenetics extender system and it is also clinically proven that the elongation in the penis is a permanent one. There have been amazing results seen in many men that prove the point that it is the numero Uno product when it comes to penile extender system in the United States. Frequent erections, control of premature ejaculation, maximum satisfaction to the woman and rock solid penis are some of the benefits that most men derived from using sizegenetics.

Sizegenentics Vs X4 Labs:

If you look into the various penile enlargement review sites you will find that moiré and more people have rated the Sizegenetics system to be more superior to the penile extender device by X4 labs. The X4 labs are rated as the second best penile extender device and the first position goes to the more experienced and popular sizegenetics system. The sizegenetics offers silicone tubing to its traction device whereas the X4 labs use the hybrid support system. The sizegenetics or X4 labs comparison will highlight that sizegenetics is just a notch above X 4 labs as it is 100% safe, reliable and authentic and more comfortable to use than X 4 labs traction device. Moreover, the six month buy back offer provided by sizegenetics is a very important offer as most clients are sure that they will either benefit from using the product or will get their money back if it does not work the magic on them. Sizegenetics also offers a life time guarantee for its product and assures that the enlargement that a man by using this device will be a permanent one.

Get going with sizegenetics:

As it has been medically proved that sizegenetics has the best manhood enlargement traction device, it is now time that you go for the traction device to get the desired results that you are looking fro. If you want to floor your lover or wife during love making, then utilizing the services of sizegenetics penis extender system will be the ideal solution for you. Sizegenetics penile extender system is definitely the best way to safely and effectively enlarge the size of your penis.

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