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what is size geneticsWhat is Sizegenetics?

 Sizegenetics is a magic device for all those people who live under constant frustration of having a small penis. This device causes comprehensive growth in the size and girth of the penis and solves several problems related to erectile dysfunctions. This product does not cause any kind of harmful side effects. The device provides traction action that causes elongation and strengthening of penis muscles. The device has received great feedback from the users and has turned out to be the most preferred product of this kind in the market. The best part about the device is that unlike other similar devices that cause discomfort, Sizegenetics has been designed for comfort.

The concept behind Sizegenetics

The concept behind the development of the product is similar to that of working out muscles in the gym. The small and handy device causes stretching of the muscles in the penis and thus gives it a good workout. As a result, the penis becomes broader just like the biceps and chest of a body builder. The girth of the penis increases along with the length with prolonged use. Users can gain different length and girth enhancements by using different versions of the device.

How does the device work? 

Sizegenetics is a small device that is compact enough to fit into the palm of the user. It consists of two rings connected by bars. The ring in the front is softened with padding for increased comfort. To use the device, the penis needs to be strapped into the rings such that it passes through both the rings. When the device is activated, the device applies force on the penis by stretching it. In other words, the device provides traction. The force applied is optimum and not too much so as to hurt the user. With regular use and stretching, the penis increases in size both by length and by girth.

Three variations available in Sizegenetics

Sizegenetics is available in three variations. The results obtained vary in each of these models. The first kind is The Ultimate System. It is made so as to provide 16 way comfort. Further, the product comes with After Training Revita Cream and Powder, which provides enhanced comfort after working out the penis with the device. This version of Sizegenetics promises 1 inch enlargement in girth and 3 inches in length. The second version is called Good Gain and provides the same enlargement benefits as the first version. However, the comfort cream and powder are not included in this version. The third version called Standard Gain is the cheapest model and provides 1 inch enlargement in length. Girth development is not promised in this model. It also does not come with cream and powder. However, it is provided with comfort straps like the other two models. All these models are categorized under medical type I instruments.

What are the benefits that can be obtained from its use? 

Sizegenetics provide comprehensive benefits for the growth of the penis. Users have reported an increase of one to three inches in length. By girth, the penis enlarges by 25%. Besides providing a larger, harder and stronger erection, this product corrects a number of related problems such as premature ejaculation, curved penis and provides longer erection duration. It has been noted that curved penis can be straightened by up to 70%, which is hardly possible by use of other methods. The user has a greater control over ejaculation and hence, can retain erection for a longer duration. Apart from these direct affects, the biggest benefit that a user can gain is self confidence. It has been seen pretty often that people with erectile dysfunctions and weak penis are usually more restrained and suffer low esteem. As a result, their performance in personal and professional lives suffers. By using Sizegenetics, sexual performance and confidence improves drastically. In a nutshell, use of Sizegenetics can make a person feel whole again.

Augment the results with penile exercises

In addition to using the Sizegenetics device, users can gain further benefits by indulging in exercises for the penis. Just as a body builder needs to perform other exercises in addition to lifting weights, the penis has to be put through different kinds of exercises that can provide comprehensive and enhanced benefits. In keeping with this policy, Sizegenetics provides a set of DVDs which illustrate different kinds of experiments with clear instructions that users will not have a problem following. Performing these exercises along with use of the device will bring faster and better results.

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