Sizegenetics Penis Extender – Reviewed And Published In GQ Magazine

GQ magazine features Sizegenetics penis extender

 GQ is, without doubt, one of the hottest male fashion magazines in the world. With a worldwide circulation that crosses millions, the magazine reaches a large number of countries. In keeping with its high standards, GQ publishes nothing that is not authentic. Being featured in one of its pages is indeed a rare distinction. Sizegenetics extender, the most effective and powerful penile extender in the world, featured in GQ magazine in 2008. However, an important thing to note is that the issue published Sizegenetics not as an advertisement, but as a product review that was written after the writer of the article, James Mullinger, tried out the product on himself. This adds a lot of weight and authenticity to the review and if you read it, it sure reeks of the truth.

James Mullinger’s trial

 Sizegenetics is not a device on the street claiming to create magic between a man’s legs. It is categorized as a medical type I device and has been attested with scientific proofs that declare the device effective and safe. In order to test the authenticity of the product that is so widely proclaimed and publicized all over the world, James Mullinger, a writer of GQ magazine decided to give the product four months of his life to show some results. Curiosity was perhaps the other driving force behind the practical experiment. By the end of four months, Mullinger was a satisfied man. He reported in the article that the device makes the penis “grow and grow” in a steady but sure manner. After using for four months, Mullinger found an increase of half an inch in his penis size. However, he did stress on the fact that he did not use the device for the recommended duration everyday. He also said that the product is so good that he would not like to use it continuously because it would be too much for a woman to take and because he would get “addicted” to the device.

Wide publicity for Sizegenetics

 Sizegenetics has been put through massive publicity drive in order to spread awareness about the existence of a device that works effectively in increasing the length and width of the penis. In addition to GQ magazine, the product has also made appearances on some of the biggest international news and entertainment channels. One of the factors about the publicity drive of Sizegenetics that builds enormous trust and reliability regarding the product is that it has featured not just the form of paid advertisements but also critic reviews. This is an excellent manner of penis enlargement without using drugs and surgeries.

Safe and effective penis enlargement therapy

 The beauty of Sizegenetics penis extender is that it does not require the user to experience discomfort and pain as in case of other similar products. The device has been designed to provide comfort in sixteen different ways. This device, which is a very simple assembly, has proved that penis enlargement can be achieved without use of drugs and surgeries. Although the use of the device helps in increasing penis girth and length, the product comes with DVDs that contain penile exercise guide. These exercises, along with the device, can produce excellent results.

Money back guarantee scheme 

If you are still not convinced about purchasing the product, there is another attractive deal that will interest you. Sizegenetics manufacturers are so sure about the effectiveness of their product that they give a six month or 180 days money back guarantee scheme, which means that if you use the product precisely as per instructions and do not receive penis enhancement benefits, then you can have all of your money back. This initiative is a great move by the makers of the device to build trust among potential users. The customer service of the product is excellent and can be contacted all round the year. In order to spread true word about the product, the company requests users to send in before and after photos so that the evidence about effectiveness of the device is clear.

Celebrities love it as well! 

You are probably under the impression that the macho hero of a Hollywood action thriller will have no use for something like Sizegenetics. However, you will be surprised to know that celebrities love Sizegenetics as well. In 2007, one of the major international television networks featured this product on its celebrity talk show that roped in famous celebrities. They were pleasantly receptive about the device and said that if ever need be, Sizegenetics was the device that they would use!

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