Sizegenetics Popularity Hits The Print Media

About sizegenetics:

One of the most important parts of a man’s anatomy which is also a vital organ that commands respect from many women is the penis. If a man’s penis size is not of a decent length, more often than not a woman will not be interested in having sexual intercourse with that man. Most men with smaller penis will be feeling very embarrassed to show their penis to the woman. There are many men all over the world who are worried about the size of their penis and always wish their penis could have been a few more inches longer. The answer to all these wishes is now a reality and there have been many men who have shown remarkable increase in their penis size by using one of the most popular penis extender products from the house of sizegenetics. The best selling traction device for penis, Sizegenetics will help in not only enlarging the length and breadth of the penis but it will also help in reducing the curvature in penis, controlling the premature ejaculation that is common in most men as well as helps in strengthening the penis while it gets aroused.

Size Genetics

Popularity of sizegenetics:

Sizegenetics is a quality penis enlargement traction device that has been endorsed by many of the leading penis enlargement surgeons all over the world. This popularity of the device has resulted in more and more people trying to increase the size of their manhood by a couple of inches in order to show their counterpart who the boss is on the bed. There is a correlation between the size of the penis and the self esteem of a man. If the size of the penis is larger, a man possesses vey high self esteem and vice versa. There is bound to be satisfactory results that men will experience while using the sizegenetics for a couple of months. The authentic medical device certificate that the sizegenetics possess is testimony to its popularity thee world over.

Sizegenetics and GQ Magazine:

The article that came up in the GQ magazine in the UK in 2008 written by GQ writer James Mullinger is testimony of the fact that sizegenetics is a non surgical penis enlargement traction device that has no  side effects and that which will yield a good and favorable result on regular use for a couple of months. James Mullinger did try out the device on his penis for a period of four months. He has revealed in the sizegenetics go magazine that the product did actually work as he experienced a half inch increase in his penis size despite not using the product regularly as per the recommendations of the company. If James Mullinger had used the device as per recommendations, he could have easily achieved an increase in the penis size by about 2 to 2.5 inches.

Sizegenetics is grabbing media attention:

There is no doubt that the popularity of sizegenetics penis extender has increased many folds once it got featured in the sizegenetics gq magazine. Many other print and visual media followed gq magazine suit and now TV stations like BBC and Channel 4 which are international brand channels. There is no doubt about the product as a whole as it has proven  time and again that it is capable of increasing the penis size considerably without any side effects and will also help in maintaining the size for many years. The sizegenetics gq magazine write up was not a goofed one and the company did not pay even a single penny for the article to be printed in the magazine.

Media market taken by storm:

The popularity of the sizegenetics penis extender traction device worldwide has made the media sit up and take notice of the amazing benefits that manhood is deriving out of this non surgical method. This is one of the reasons for the product to be featured in most of the leading print and visual media all over the world. The product has been in the market since 1994 and there are also clinical and medical test conducted on the traction device several times and hence is considered to be the safe and most reliable way to enhance the size of the male penis according to various physicians.

Sizegenetics to be used wisely:

If you are also in the huge bracket of men who dislike the size of their penis, then it is time that you give sizegenetics gq a try. There is no doubt that you will not be disappointed with  the result that you see in front of your eyes after using the product as per the instructions continuously for a period of two months. As this is the most natural and easy way to achieving the desired elongated penis, more and more people have started to use this medically proven safe and reliable method for elongating their penis.

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