SizeGenetics Scam

The size and length of one’s penis has always been a main concern for most men today. Most men have been conditioned to think that having a bigger penis is very important in helping to satisfy the needs of their female partners. But the problem is that most of the methods out there that helps to increase the length of the penis such as penis enlargement surgery can sometimes be really expensive and troublesome.

Lucky for most men today though, there has currently been a breakthrough in research when it comes to penis enhancement devices, and one particular device would have to be Size Genetics, a special type of penis stretcher. There are many advantages as to currently why Size Genetics is one of the better penis traction devices out there, which we will be looking at below.

But before we go into that, we would like to address something else. The very thing that usually comes to people’s mind regarding these type of traction devices would have to be : Do these devices such as Size Genetics really work? Are they not scams just to rip off desperate people’s money?

Well, I would have to say this really cannot be blamed with all the amount of hype and false promises out there especially when it comes to purchasing things online. But my personal stand and belief is that you will understand why Size Genetics can’t really be classified as a ‘scam’, after you have gone through some of the advantages which I will will bring to you without any further ado:

Firstly, Size Genetics do not rely on any kind of male enhancement drugs or patches, which means that you do not have to be inserting any kind of unknown stuff or drug into your body internally. Even though most manufacturers of male enhancement drugs and patches claim that their products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, this is not really the case thanks to the use of preservatives. This would mean that there is a high chance of contracting unwanted side effects when you consume these type of pills or use these patches.

Secondly, Size Genetics is not a product that uses the conventional and traditional concept of pumps and weights. Penis pumps and weights work by mainly restricting the amount of blood flowing in your penile area, and this can sometimes cause a lot of uncomfort and pain. When used over a long period of time, penis pumps and weights might sometimes cause more harm to your penis than good!

The cost of Size Genetics today is also pretty affordable and cheap, for you can easily get it for less than a few hundred bucks today. When you compare Size Genetics to some other method such as penis enlargement surgery, it really is a no brainer when you count how much money you actually would save. Most penis enlargement surgeries can easily cost up to over a few thousand dollars, and even then results are really guaranteed.

Even when you compare Size Genetics to other penis enlargement products such as pills, you can see that Size Genetics is still the better choice, for Size Geneties is a one off payment while you might have to order a few months’ supply of pills in order to see any results, and this could easily cost up to five hundred dollars or more.

If you are worried about the safety of your own health and penis from using Size Genetics, you really shouldn’t, as Size Genetics has been labelled as a medical type 1 device. A medical type 1 device is only given to medical devices that have went through a lot of different medical tests to prove that it comes with the lowest risks. Just keep in mind that having the lowest risks does not mean having no risks at all, as you may still sometimes endanger your penis if you are not using the device in the proper and correct way.

Size Genetics have also been backed by many different medical professionals who are involved in the research and study of penis enlargement. Medical professionals have agreed that Size Genetics has been pretty effective in curing certain medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, banana-type erection, micropenis and even premature ejaculation in some cases, after conducting many different tests to try and prove them.

Size Genetics have also been mentioned in famous magazines such as the John Ross and GQ magazine, and it would not have been able to make its appearance in these magazines if it really did not deliver what it promised. Famous people would also not have been willing to be a mascot for this particular product or device if it was something shady and did not work at all!

Lastly, there is also a phone number you can contact and a real address which you can find a real company. Which scam companies would be willing to put their address and phone number out there in the open? This shows how upright the developers of SizeGenetics are, and there is really no reason for you to worry at all. Size Genetics today also comes with a money back guarantee within 30 to 60 days, and from this you can easily see how much confidence the developers of Size Genetics have in their own product.

The one thing you would need to understand and realize though, is that miracles do not happen overnight, and also that each and every person is different. So a person whom have only used SizeGenetics for a few days might see very different results from a person whom have used it for a few weeks to a few months.

Therefore, before crying out “SizeGenetics Scam”, it is important that you give SizeGenetics enough time and a proper chance and use it regularly for at least 1-2 months before deciding whether it works for you a not. There is really no other better penis enlargement device apart from Size Genetics today!

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  1. I haven’t done any exercises myself but I am hoping that sizegenetics alone will be enough for adding a few inches to my length and girth. I am hoping to add 1 – 2 inches in 2 months. Basically I want better orgasm for my gf

  2. Hi all I am 43 and also on anti depressants. Has anyone had any good results with maleextra and sizegenetics while also taking anti depressants? I would like to know. I want to improve my libido and erection. I am wondering whether this will make my erections stronger ?

  3. Do we have to take it off when we are erect?

  4. Ok so I have been trying to choose between sizegenetics, 4xlap and fastsize and I finally decided to buy sizegenetics because it appears to be the best. This is for all of you others who are unable to choose.

  5. I am in week 2 of using my sizegenetics ultimate system along with Male extra pills. I bought a 3 month supply and am hoping to see good results over 3 months. I can only use it for 2 hours a day since i don’t have time to focus on this in the day.

  6. I vote for sizegenetics as the best device ever! Period

  7. I have used x4 and vacuum pump before and both of them didn’t work but Sizegenetics did!

  8. Which pills should i take while using sizegenetics? Male Extra work good?

  9. 1.5 inches 4 months! Woot

  10. Its like $300 man not sure I want to do it yet..

  11. $350 is cheap for the ultimate pack which I purchased. It is the perfect package for your penis

  12. Look it does work but the fact is that traction devices don’t work overnight. You might take several months to see 2 inches of gain so you have to be patient about it. Stretchers and extenders should not be used with too much force. Read the instructions closely for the device and don’t try to fast track it.
    Patience is key with these. Expecting to have a longer penis too fast might cause injury which can cause erectile dysfunction. If you want to use the extender device, so be aware of what you are doing and do it carefully

  13. The last extender i bought was stolen. Somebody got jealous of my sizegenetics

  14. Is this available for new zealand and whats the shipping time like for there? Do i need to consult my doctor before i use this?

  15. Its great actually. We bought it for my bf and its been awesome. In the Ultimate Package, you get a lot of goodies for a great price.
    We got the spare parts – bars and comfort pieces so in case anything goes wrong, the device will be back to work. We also got the Revita cream aftercare moisturiser with the ultimate package along with Traction Plus powder both of which work really well 😉

  16. Well they have a 6 month money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose with them. It is a good ethical company.

  17. Does it work? cause I have a baby penis and when i want to play its so small i just get it back inside. I was looking and saw sizegenetics. Seems like just want i want

  18. Spot on with the article. It is no scam

  19. The company looks real and has been around for years. I checked their domain name which has been registered ever since Creation Date: 2004-06-22 (June 22nd 2004)

    They also have a phone number which I called and it is a real company. Number: 44 (0) 115 979 8446

    The domain is also registered to a real person, not someone anonymous. I am sure it is a legit company.
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: Andrew Slack
    Registrant Organization: Permenda LTD
    Registrant Street: Unit 3A, Park Lane Business Centre
    Registrant City: Nottingham
    Registrant State/Province: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE
    Registrant Postal Code: NG6 0DU
    Registrant Country: UK
    Registrant Phone: +44.1159798419
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax: +44.1159798424

    Definitely one of the best devices available on the market today.

  20. For those who are confused, this is the most ideal solution. Sizegenetics stimulates growth of the penis by helping extend it safely. The makers of this product designed it to be safe and helpful as a penis extender. The longer you wear it, the more improvement yo uwill see.
    Sizegenetics is comfortable too so there is no reason you should not wear it

  21. well one thing for sure, sizegenetics is definitely NOT a scam. Its been around for years. last when i bought was 3 years ago lol, it even worked a fair bit I think it could have done better if I put in more effort. in fact I might do it before i visit my gf in 6 months.

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