Sizegenetics Side Effects – Are there any potential dangers?

What is sizegenetics?

It is a system which can enhance the size of the male organ. This system is able to add 1-3 inches to the penis if used properly. It is called as a system because the package contains a penile stretcher or enlargement device and enlargement exercises suggested by the website called Penile- health. This is an award winning website. This is a system developed after long research and is tested with success in many males. Even doctors endorse this product because of its effectiveness. There are millions of satisfied size genetics customers in the world. That is why sizegenetics is still in the market, even 8 years after its introduction. The popularity of the product will speak for itself.

How does it work?

There are thousands of men who are stressed due to the fact that their penis is under sized. They want to satisfy the partners but are unable to do so. This is a frustrating condition. They resort to various penile enhancement methods and find little effect. The use of size genetics will change their life for ever. Those who had tried this system are now leading a happy life with increased length and girth obtained by the use of sizegenetics. One may wonder how it works were as most of the other methods fail to produce any result. It works on the principle of traction. Traction procedure causes a gentle stretching of the body muscles resulting in the creation of new cells. That is exactly what size genetics extenders are doing. The traction caused by the extenders make the cells in the erectile chamber of the penis to multiply. The new cells can hold more blood so; the erectile chamber will have enlarged appearance.

The benefits

The popularity of any product will depend on the effectiveness and the benefits it provide to its customers or users. The manufactures of sizegenetics claim that their product is capable of adding extra length and girth to the penis. They are helpful in curing premature ejaculation problem and are successful in fixing penile curvature to certain extent. They are able to produce harder and long lasting erection in men and to increase the intensity of the orgasm. Most men who used this product are of opinion that it increases the sexual stamina. This method is considered as the best optional method for the penis enhancement surgery. Most penile enhancement methods fail to produce permanent result. The result you obtain by the use of Sizegenetics extender is permanent. Any size genetics side effects are unheard till now. Your penis will retain the new size even if you stop using the sizegenetics extender device.

How much improvement can be expected?

It will be difficult to give an exact measurement of growth that can be achieved by using the Sizegenetics side effect free system. The effect may vary from person to person. The effect depends on a number of factors like, how much time the customer is using it, is he using it the proper way, whether he is using the device only or is he using the exercises suggested in the package, the age of the person using it etc. The manufacturers of this device claim that it is capable of increasing the length up to 3 inches in general and also improves the thickness of the penis.

Are there any side effects?

Even the critics of this product are unable to find any drawback or side effects of this product. This is considered as the safest enhancement system available. They do not have any risk like the surgeries. Even after 8 years of introduction no side effects have been reported till date. Most of the reviews clearly mention that Size genetics system is a side effect free system. As this is a clinically tested and proved product it considered as safe even by the doctors. The device is made of quality materials and the accessories and attachments are provided with soft pads for safety.

Is it affordable?

Any person who has come to know about the benefits and effectiveness of this system will want to try out one. Some of them may be under the impression that as this is the best product and is clinically proven they are not affordable to the common man. This is not true as they come with nominal pricing. To make it affordable to more people there is a discount code facility. By entering this code you are entitled to get a discount on your purchase of Sizegenetics system.

Money back guarantee

Sizegenetics side effect free system comes with a money back guarantee. You can use the system for four months and during this trial period if you are not satisfied with the performance of this device you can return the product within six months and claim your money back. This means that you will not lose your money even if you find the product unworthy. Though there are no chances of you returning such a good product. The money back guarantee gives a risk free method to try out this device. Size genetics provide excellent customer support system to their customers. If you have any doubts regarding the use you can readily contact customer support wing through online or over the phone. The simplicity of use, the effectiveness and the side effect free nature of the product make it the best product for penis enhancement.

7 responses to “Sizegenetics Side Effects – Are there any potential dangers?

  1. I use it for 3-4 hours a day. 15 minutes of Jelq and 3 days off per week. No side effects

  2. I am also taking Vigrx along with using sizegenetics. I’m also on SSRI pills (celexa) but i checked with my gf who said that there is no danger with the combination. I have seen half an inch of enlargement in 4 weeks and don’t feel any side effects yet.

  3. There are no side effects of Sizegenetics. It is a very safe traction device. It will make the penis cells divide rapidly with incraeaed blood flow and stretching exercises. Customer reviews show there are no side effects. Its been working for several years and even proven by medical tests which dispels any fears or dangers. Use it with confidence

  4. It fits in comfortably in your underwear. There are no known side effects. Pretty safe if you compare it to surgery, almost no known risks. It is also medically endorsed

  5. It gives increased girth and flaccid size. Stronger erections, less curvature and better orgasms but no side effects for me

  6. Yea there was a medical study which confirmed that sizegenetics is effective. It has been present for years and selling really well. If there were any side effects, we would have noticed by now. I think, to be safe, use it 4 days a week and don’t exert too much traction. You will be good

  7. No, if you are concerned about side effects, there aren’t really any. Also i think some people are concerned about scars or marks left on your penis after using it for a few months. no, there won’t be any marks or pain after using it.

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