Sizegenetics Tutorials To Guide You Through The Process Of Penis Enlargement

Sizegenetics overview:

One of the most popular medical devices that help in increasing the size and the girth of a man’s penis is the sizegenetics traction device. All the information pertaining to sizegenetics can be had in the company’s official website. There are two different types of sizegenetics packages that are sold in the website and each one has some unique things and featured added to it. The ultimate sizegenetics kit is the most expensive kit which  consists of the traction device and spare parts, tutorial DVD’s on how to use sizegenetics, access to penile health and other sexual websites, video guides on how to master sex and also a storage device for the traction device. The sizegenetics system is a medically proven traction system that will help in enlarging the size of the penis during erection. Apart from increasing the size of the penis, the sizegenetics traction system will also help in avoiding premature ejaculation; erection problems will be corrected and penile curvature corrections.

About the product:

The main concept behind the functioning of the traction as per the sizegenetics tutorials is the stretching of the penis for a given amount of time which will help in increasing the production of cells inside the penis. The increase in the blood flow inside the penis will help the man to gain a more strong and powerful penile erection that will help him to perform even better during love making. The traction device consists of a plastic unit that is fitted to the base of the penis and the head of the penis is fixed to a round soft tissue of the traction device and the traction weight that is applied on the device will help in the elongation of the penis. A person who uses the traction device as per the sizegenetics tutorials that he gets in the package will be able to see visible and clear results in the change in the size of the penis after three to four months. Also, carrying out the penile exercises that are clearly illustrated in the sizegenetics tutorial video will help in enlarging the penis more quickly than one would imagine.

Advantages of sizegenetics:

As sizegenetics traction device is made of medical type 1 material, it is absolutely safe and reliable to use on the penis and will not cause any harmful side effects even when it is used for many months. The company provides you with the guarantee that you will be able to see difference in the size of the penis within 4 months of regular use of the product as per the sizegenetics tutorial videos. If the customer is not satisfied with the product after using it for four to five months he can very well return the product back to the company and he will be refunded immediately. Only the company has got the rights to sell the product and hence traction device can only be order online through the company’s official website. The various customer testimonials as well as the points discussed in several online forums that discusses about penile elongation devices have given a thumbs up to sizegenetics.

Sizegenetics tutorials:

All the penile exercise programs as well as the guide to use the extender system are very clearly demonstrated in the sizegenetics tutorial DVD’s that you will get when you buy the ultimate package. The tutorials are very well presented and it will be very easy for a person to follow the instructions told in the sizegenetics tutorial videos. The penis health enhancement exercise DVD is an absolute treasure trove for all those men who want to go that extra mile during sexual intercourse and those who are interested in having multiple orgasms.

Duration to use penile extender system:

The penile extender system can be continuously worn on a penis for about eight hours. The company recommends using it for about 3 to 4 hours a day at a stretch to see visible results in about three to four months. As there are no side effects caused by the device on the penis, prolonged use will not cause any harm to the penis or the body. The device in intelligently designed in such a way that you can wear it very comfortably under your trousers and no one will notice a new thing that is hiding behind your pants. Also this will help you in carrying out all your daily office chores while your penis is at complete stretch with the aid of the traction device.

Penile curvature correction:

If you are a person who is suffering from penile curvature problems, then using sizegenetics traction device on the penis for a considerable period of time daily will help to totally correct the problem within three to four months. It is advisable to carry out certain penis exercises along with the traction device in order to straighten the penis. The penis that is straightened using sizegenetics traction device will end up being stronger and erect when aroused than before.

How to order?

Once you have decided on purchasing sizegenetics to liven up your manhood all you need to do is to visit the official website of sizegenetics and click on the order now display on the webpage. It is ideal to follow the site instructions that appear on the screen to order your favorite package and payment is made online through credit or debit cards. The package will be shipped directly to the mentioned address through a reliable courier service once the payment and the order form are received.

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  1. I got my sizegenetics in the mail and read the manual. It suggests using it for 6 to 8 hours per day but i have been using it for a little longer. I didn’t feel the discomfort though you have to be careful while peeing and not masterbate while you have it on. I wear it every morning until around the afternoon when i take it off. I was curious whether this was the right way to do it? will i grow one inch within a month or two? any advice would be appreciated

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