Sizegenetics vs. Jes Extender

Size GeneticsWhy women look for bigger penis:

It will be very difficult to satisfy a woman in sex with a penis that is as long as 5 inches when aroused and with a girth of about 2 to 3 inches. Most women would love their man’s penis to be a bigger and rock solid one as this will help in giving them total pleasure during sexual intercourse. A penis with a slight curvature will not be able to satisfy a woman wee bit during sex as it will help them in achieving orgasm as it will not work on the G spot the most important arousal part inside the woman.  It is often believed that a woman will enjoy sex to the fullest if her man has a penis that is about 8 to 9 inches in length and the girth size to be about 5 inches. So, all you men out there, if you feel that your penis is not able to play a major part during sexual intercourse, then it is high time that you purchased penile enlargement traction devices to increase your penis size.

Will penis extender system work?

One of the best known methods that help in enlargement of the penis is the penis extender system. They are clinically tested and medically proven to increase the size of manhood by considerable amount when used as per instructions provided by the manufacturer. They are 100% natural method of enlarging the penis and many people have benefitted from using penis traction devices. The use of traction device on the penis will result in the cells inside the penis to multiply and thereby the blood flow inside the penis is increased. This increase in the blood flow and the expansion of the cell tissues will help in increasing the size of the manhood. Hence, there is no doubt that a penile extender system is the best when it comes to increasing the size and girth of a penis without any harmful side effects.

Sizegenetics Vs Jes extender:


If you would like to compare the top rated Sizegenetics with the most affordable Jes extender, you will see that the sizegenetics is a far more superior product that helps in increasing the size of the manhood more efficiently and correctly than the Jes extender. The length of the penis will gain and addition of about 3 inches while using the sizegenetics traction device and by 2 inches when using the Jes extender device.  While comparing the time taken to notice a considerable gain in the penis size on Sizegenetics Vs Jes extender, it is seen that sizegenetics shows a remarkable variation in size within  the first week of its use whereas the Jes extender will taken about 8 to 10 days to  show some changes in the penis size.

Comparing on erection and the device:


It is seen that sizegenetics Vs Jes extender traction system comparison will show that sizegenetics will have better gains than Jes extender and the erection that a man  will get after using the traction device for a considerable period of time will show sizegenetics clients with stronger erections than Jes extenders. This means that the sizegenetics device has worked much better on the manhood than the Jes extender system. The padded comfort strap made of rubber of Sizegenetics will help in better gripping of the penis when compared to the noose design that is employed by the Jes extender device. Moreover the noose design will cause some pain to the penis when using it whereas no pain will be experienced by clients using sizegenetics. Also the blood flow to the penis will be restricted while using the Jes extender and there is no such problems faced by clients who use sizegenetics traction device.

Comparison of bonus offers and shipping:


The sizegenetics company offers a discount of $50 to the customer who buys the ultimate package and there is no such bonuses offered to the customers who buy Jes extender systems. The bonus package also includes access to lovecentria, penis health systems online; free spare parts as well as live support. Moreover, there will be no separate shipping charges that will be charged by the company for shipping the device to the customers all over the globe. There is a small shipping fees charged by Jes extender for customers who buy their traction device.

Media coverage comparison:

The popularity of sizegenetics has increased ever since its article was featured in the leading GQ magazine three years back. Also the journalists and TV reporters from Channel 4 and BBC have tested the product on them and have endorsed the company’s view point that it is a natural manhood enlargement traction device that shows amazing results. This has led to the increase in the sales of the sizegenetics traction system and now it has reached a stage that it is considered to be one of the best if not the best penis enlargement traction device the world has ever seen. There is no such media backing for Jes extender system.

Concluding remarks on comparison:

It is clearly evident from the comparison of Sizegenetics Vs Jes extender traction devices above that sizegenetics is far ahead in the race. So, a person who is desirous of gaining a few inches on his penis in the fastest possible time and thereby gaining knowledge of how to impress your partner in bed should definitely go for Sizegenetics.

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