Sizegenetics Vs. X 4 Labs

what is size geneticsUses of penis extenders:

A person who is looking for some method to increase the length and the girth of his penis will be best advised to go for an extender system when compared to any other lotions, creams, oils, pills etc. Penis extenders are recommended by many penile surgeons as well as other professionals in the medical field as they are 100% safe and natural method to enlarge the size of the penis. The erection problems as well as premature ejaculation problems will be rectified to a certain extent when a person uses the penile extender system. Also, any person who intends to buy the penile extender system or device can be assured that he will get his penis size increased in a matter of three to four months and he himself will envy his manhood. The penile extender device is a sure shot and pain free way to achieve the desired length of the penis.

How to choose penis extenders:

There are plenty of penis extenders that are available in the market these days as the business of manhood enlargement industry has grown multifold in the recent years. But a person interested in using the penile extender system for his penis should be able to know which brand will be best suited for him. There are plenty of cheap and duplicate penile extender devices available in the market. It is ideal for a customer to choose one that is genuine and 100% natural and clinically proven to enhance the length of the penis. So, a lot of research into various genuine male enlargement products in the form of extenders has to be carried out in order to find the best penile extender. Out of the various types of penile extenders available in the market the sizegenetics penile extenders and the X4 penile extenders stand out.

Sizegenetics Vs X4 labs:

The comparison of sizegenetics and the X4 labs penile extender system will help a person to choose the one that will be best suited to him. The sizegenetics ultimate package is a far superior package that is provided to the customers as it includes sizegenetics penis extender system, pro solution pills, free spare parts, penis health membership and loads and loads of videos and tutorials in the form of DVD’s on how to use the device, various penis exercises, and some concepts of love making. The common  things that come with  the X 4 labs premium kit is the device, sex DVD’s and cleaning and moisturizing kits. The comfortable strap technology and the cushioning that the sizegenetics device provides to the penis head is far better than what is provided in the X4 labs device. A person who uses Sizegenetics device will have an added elongation length of 3 inches to his penis whereas the X 4 labs users will have along elongation of 2 to 3 inches. The sizegenetics Vs X4 labs comparison in special discount offers will show that a total of $50 can be saved by the customer interested in buying Sizegenetics product and only $25 is given as a discount to customers who go for X4 labs device.

Advantage to Sizegenetics:

There is no doubt that sizegenetics is a far more superior product when compared to any other penis extender systems that is available in the market. The fact that the sizegenetics product has been featured and researched in GQ magazine, Channel 4, BBC etc speaks volumes of the successful product that the sixteen year old company called Sizegenetics is manufacturing. Also, the various clinical tests and the medical penile surgeons examination of the extender system has received rave reviews that puts the product as the number one when  it comes to penis enlargement. Te access to the VIP membership forum for customers who buy the ultimate package from sizegenetics will provide then to discuss similar problems with other premium customers.

So, is sizegenetics effective?

There should be absolutely no  doubt about the performance of sizegenetics traction device when it comes to enlarging the manhood by an additional three inches after continuous use as per the instructions provided in the user’s manual for a period of three to four months. The money back guarantee after 180 days if the customer is not satisfied with the product proves that the company believes that it has the right product that will help in enlarging the penis size of any man. Also ,the device is so comfortable and uniquely designed that it can  be worn all day long under some loose fitting pants and no one will be able to  find out that the person has worn it or not.

Is it worth its price?

The price for an ultimate sizegenetics package is slightly on the higher side. But a customer who wishes to derive complete satisfaction in gaining a longer penis and that too a permanent solution to the small penis and erection problem will not mind spending the amount on this device as he is sure to get the desired permanent results quickly and more effectively. The medically backed class 1 type material used in the extender system has got the backing of CE certificate.


It is clear without doubt that sizegenetics traction device is the best penis enlargement device that is currently available in the market. A person interested to  buy the product after reading all the reviews needs to  just go to  the official website and order the device online. The item will be shipped to his address free of cost.

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