The Importance Of Instruction Manual

Penis enlargement methods

A person with issues regarding the size of the penis will naturally try to enhance the size of the penis by using any method available. There are many penis enlargement methods available in the market. This includes medications, creams, gels, vacuum pumps; surgeries and extenders. Most of these methods are not capable of giving the expected result. One method which has been found most effective is the use of penile extenders. There are many companies which produce penile extenders. But some provide with a complete package which has been clinically proven. When you are in need of these extenders one has to select the best package which provides correct instruction for the use of the product. The penis enlargement product of the Sizegenetics comes with instruction manual for easy use by the customer.

The Sizegenetics extender

The Sizegenetics extender package comes with the stretcher machine, instruction DVD, exercise DVD etc. The stretcher machine is to be attached to the penis according to the instructions given in the Sizegenetics instructions DVD. The use of the stretcher machine when combined with the exercises proposed in the attached DVD will help to reach the goal within a stipulated time. For the successful use of any machine, there is required an understanding of the working of the machine and the knowledge to use it in the proper way. Otherwise the desired results are hard to attain. It works by activating the cells of the penis to grow by applying stretching force. The stretcher machine has to be worn every day for more than four hours in order to receive the effect. The exercises suggested in the DVD helps to enhance the speed of penile enlargement. The separate use of stretcher and exercise will not be as effective as the combined effect they produce. So, the proper following of the instructions is essential to maintain safety and to achieve the result.

The exercise DVD

The Sizegenetics exercise DVD shows the simple exercises to be followed while the stretching machine is being used. The exercises are capable of making any organ powerful by the development of muscles. The regular body exercises help you to keep your muscles fit, the same way doing small exercises will give more strength to the penis and causes improved blood flow to the organ. The growth of the cells caused by stretching and the increased blood flow to the organ by the exercise will cause the enlargement of penis in length and girth. A person who has bought the Size genetics package with the intention to grow the penis has to follow the exercise given in the DVD. This will help to make the enlargement easy and permanent process.

The instructions DVD

The extender package includes the instruction manual for the stretcher or the extender instrument. The instructions for the successful and safe use of the extender instrument are provided in this DVD. The exact method of fixing the instrument to the penis and precautions to be taken while using the instrument are given in these SizeGenetics instructions. Understanding of the procedure for use and practicing it while using the instrument is necessary to obtain the desired growth of the penis within a period of two months. So, make sure that the package you get contain the instruction DVD and watch it before starting to use the extender device.

The safest method

The Sizegenetics extenders are the safest method available for penile enhancement. The stretchers are tested for its effectiveness and safety by the researchers of the company. The system works on the principle of traction and there is no health problems attached with it. The system is not harmful like the pills, gels or creams of inferior quality and marketed without any safety tests. The machine parts are made of soft materials to prevent the formation of rashes or any other damage to the skin. Following the instruction given in user manual helps to avoid any damage to the penis, while using the system.

Why Sizegenetics is the best?

The extender package of Sizegenetics incorporates the stretching technique as well as exercise to give a complete result. The instruction that comes with the package makes the use simple and safe. They are not charged high when compared to the surgeries. They have less risk compared to surgeries and other methods. The device is easily available and no assistance is needed to use it. They are capable of producing a change that is rather permanent. All these features make it a popular package for those who want to increase their penile size. One has to remember that the size of the penis is determined by heredity and it will be foolish to expect great change. The penis can grow only up to 2-3 inches in length by using this method. But for many it is more than sufficient to boost their self esteem.

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  1. I have been using it for 7 weeks now and have had 1/2 inch of rise in length with slight correction in the curvation. I am using 600 grams of tension so far. Taking it slow and steady I am sure this is going to work better

  2. You can wear it outside but i wouldn’t because it might get uncomfortable. I wear it when I am on my bed and usually wear it for 3 or 4 hours. It has been working right for me for 10 weeks now and I already gained almost 1 inch so far. Expecting it to add one more inch before i stop using it.

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